Power rates continue to decrease for March 2023

float:leftThe overall power rate of Davao Light and Power Co., Inc. (Davao Light) further decreased from P11.52 last month to P11.14 this March.

The thirty-eight (0.38) centavo per kilowatt-hour decrease is due to (1) Davao Light’s participation in the commercial operation of the Philippine Wholesale Electricity Spot Market (WESM) in Mindanao which the company took advantage of given the low power supply prices, and (2) the decrease of the price of power from coal suppliers where Davao Light sources a part of its power requirement. It can be recalled that power generation rates were high beginning in June 2022 due to the increase in the price of imported fuel particularly coal.

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  1. Initial Assessment- The applicant must undergo an initial assessment to determine the feasibility of installing DER by submitting a letter of intent (LOI) to the DU. The LOI must include information about the total DER capacity, Single Line Diagram (SLD), and location of the DER. The DU will conduct pre-evaluation to determine if the distribution network can accommodate the connection of the DER.

    The applicant will be informed if they have passed the initial assessment and will be required to submit necessary documents for the DU’s conduct of Distribution Impact Study.

  2. Distribution Impact Study (DIS) - The DU will conduct a DIS to determine the impact of the DER installation on the distribution system.

    Depending on the results of the DIS, the DU may also conduct a Distribution Assessment Study to determine the additional assets needed to support the connection of the DER.

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Tailor’s daughter, now lead engineer of Davao Light

Engr. Nesvelle Mae Pascua-Amper, commonly known as “Nes,” has a friendly face that makes people feel at ease when talking to her. We were seated in a small conference room at Davao Light and Power Co. Inc., an AboitizPower subsidiary, talking about her role in the company.

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