Electrical Safety Tips

Being near overhead high voltage power lines is dangerous as it poses electrocution hazards.

Be careful when: Installing antennas, billboards, streamers or buntings

Constructing buildings

Cutting down or trimming trees

Flying kites


What to do when someone gets electrocuted?

  1. Turn off the power source. If this is not an option, use non-conductive material such as plastic or dy wood to separate the source of electricity from the victim.
  2. Don’t touch the person. Otherwise, you might also be electrocuted.
  3. Make sure you are dy and that there is no water nearby.
  4. Immediately contact 911 or Davao Light emergency service at 229-DLPC (3572).
  5. Keep the victim warm and comfortable while waiting for help.
  6. Raise the victim’s legs slightly above to help prevent shock.


Check capacity of extension cords to handle electric current. Avoid octopus connection.


If you see a power line on the ground, stay away. Contact Davao Light at 229-3572 to report.