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  • Match the size of the pan to the heating element. More heat will get into the pan and less will be lost to surrounding air.         
  • When using the oven, try to plan oven meals to accommodate more than one dish at a time. Avoid opening the oven from time to time. Heat is wasted every time it is opened.
  • Match the cooking container size to the range’s surface unit. Control heat.  Fry pans, toasters and similar small appliances cook well and use less electricity than range - use them for small meals. Plan the use of oven wisely because each time the oven is used, the entire cavity is heated.       
  • When operating an electric oven, attempt to cook the meal as much as possible.  Food with different cooking temperatures can often be cooked simultaneously at one temperature – variations of 25 degrees in either direction still produce good results and save energy.      
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