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Generation Charge

Is the composite cost of power generated and sold to Davao Light & Power Company (DLPC) by the National Power Corporation-Generating Company (NPC-GENCO), Independent Power Producers (IPPs), and self-generated power produced by Davao Light & Power Company’s (Davao Light)  Bajada Power Plant.

Transmission Charge

Is the cost charged by the National Transmission Corporation (TransCo) for transmitting power from the generation source to the receiving point of Davao Light.

Systems Loss Charge

Represents recovery of the cost of power lost due to technical and non-technical losses currently pegged by the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) at 9.5% for private distribution utilities as provided by Republic Act (R.A.) 7832.

Distribution Charge

Is the cost of building, operating and maintaining the distribution system of Davao Light, which brings power from high-voltage transmission grids, to commercial and industrial establishments, and to residential end-users.

Supply Charge

Is the cost of rendering service to customers, such as, billing, collection, customer assistance and related services.

Metering Charge

Is the cost of metering, reading, operation and maintenance of power metering facilities.

Lifeline Subsidy Discount

Is a socialized pricing mechanism approved by the ERC for marginalized end-users.  Residential customers consuming an average of less than 3.34 kwh per day equivalent to 100 kwh or less based on a 30-day month period are eligible to this discount.  The discount is applied only to the generation, transmission, distribution, supply, metering and systems loss charges.  The discount schedule is as follows:

Average kWh per dayLifeline Subsidy Discount
Less than 1.3750%
Less than 1.7045%
Less than 2.0340%
Less than 2.3735%
Less than 2.7030%
Less than 3.0320%
Less than 3.3410%

Lifeline Rate Subsidy

Is the cost of subsidy to lifeline end-users that is passed on to all non-lifeline end-users.

Franchise Tax

Refers to the national and local franchise taxes which must be collected by distribution utilities and remitted in full to the following:
           •             National government, 2% of gross bill; and  
•             Local government, range of 0.5% up to 0.75% of gross bill. 

Energy Tax

Is a graduated tax imposed on residential consumption in excess of 650 kWh per month pursuant to Batas Pambansa Bilang 36.

Universal Charge

This is a non-bypassable charge remitted to the Power Sector Assets and Liabilities Management (PSALM) Corporation, owned and controlled by the government, and created by the R.A. 9136.  Two of these are now in your Davao Light bill, i.e. missionary electrification and environmental charges.

Universal Charges

a. Missionary electrification
- is the charge for the provision of basic electricity service in unviable areas with the ultimate aim of bringing the operations in these areas to viability levels.

b. Environmental Charge
- is a charge to create a fund to be used solely for watershed rehabilitation and management.

c. NPC Stranded Debts
- is the unpaid financial obligations of NPC which have not been liquidated by the proceeds from the sales and privatization of NPC assets. 

d. NPC Stranded Contract Costs - is the difference between the cost of power contracted by NPC with IPPs (approved by then Energy Regulatory Board as of December 31, 2000) and the actual cost at which power was bought in the market.

e. Distribution Utilities (DUs) Stranded Costs
- is a payment for the stranded debts and stranded contract costs of eligible contracts of distribution utilities.

f. Equalization of Taxes & Royalties
- is a charge to equalize taxes and royalties applied to indigenous or renewable sources of energy vis-à-vis imported energy fuels.


Is a charge added on the next bill equal to 2% of the unpaid amount as of the due date of the bill for every month or fraction thereof that the amount has remained unpaid.
 Items not applied Surcharge are Energy Tax, Universal Charges, and previous Surcharge.


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